About Me


My name is Heidi. Ya know, like the little Swiss girl from the alps…. Like her, I’m Swiss. For some reason I was the only one in my family to get the token Swiss name.

My sisters are both named after TV show characters.

My family from Switzerland told me that the name Heidi is very old fashion and the equivalent of an American name like Dorothy or Doris. Wow. Cool eh?

I’m 28 (AHHHHH) and most of the time can’t believe that. I certainly don’t feel 28 but then again, I KNOW i’m not 21 either. In fact the thought of being 21 again is pretty friggen terrifying.

I’m an ecommerce program manager – for a big website/catalog company. I do a lot of different things. Managing ecommerce projects, email marketing, CSE’s, Affilate management, and then reports, reports and more reports. Sure there are folks that do a lot more reporting than I do (ya know, like the analyst I share an office with) but i’m not a numbers person! In fact, i hate numbers. How did a liberal studies major get stuck working with so many numbers?

Ive been married just over 1 year to my awesome husband who never ceases to amaze me with his kindness and love.

I’m a homeowner and am pretty obsessed with home/design blogs. Influenced and attracted to Mid century design, clean lines, vintage toys, art & 50’s & 60’s advertising.

I’ve had the same best friends fooorreeeeevvvver. Literally forever. We made it through elementary school, high school, college, jobs, marriage & divorce. Can’t see myself ever living without them!

I love photography, I wish I knew exactly how it worked – but my philosophy take LOTS of pictures an odds are something will work out! I’m not a snob about photos – in fact i’m a believer that you dont have to have the latest and greatest to take good shots. I also consider photoshop an art/skill of it’s own! I just wish i had that talent myself!

When i was a little kid I wanted be an artist and own an ice cream shop. And ya know, if i wasn’t so concerned about earning money- I think those 2 things still sound like dream jobs.

I think about things to blog ALL THE TIME, and yet my follow through tends to be a little lacking.

I’m very close to my family… I spent way more time with them than i should. I also happen to live less than a block away from my parents. I talk to my dad almost every day and for sure my sisters everyday.

I’m obsessed with my iphone and even though i have a company phone – the first thing i’ll buy when i quit/move on/get fired is an iphone. Its totally changed my life/connectivity.

Since college I’ve gotten REALLY bad at punctuation. In fact, i have a real hard time capitalizing my I’s when i type!? Whats up with that. Please just ignore.

I’m a OSU Beaver fan. I do not like the ducks, i dont care if they are an “Oregon” team. I will always root against them. Even if they are playing USC.

I just converted to an iMac last year and i love it. I doubt I can ever go back to a PC full time.

Whats the point of this blog? I dunno. To amuse, update, share with someone at anytime.

If you’re reading this – well, I probably know you and care about you. Thanks for caring enough about me to read this.


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