Okay, I’ve Just Gotta Do It…

Okay, this seals the deal (well, i have to tell my husband first) But after seeing this picture online… I can’t handle it.

We need to paint our cabinets.


Everything about this kitchen is similar to mine. EXCEPT the cabinets. The three people who are reading this – You’ll remember this post.

Well, after all your fabulous comments, i felt good about our decision. But the more kitchens i see, with black counters, white subway tile…. I want white cabinets!

Our cabinets arent that nice – in fact, they arent fancy at all. They are from Lowes, off the shelf. Ya know the kind you just buy in a box at the store. They function perfectly for us, they arent beat up and they do their job just as i would ask them too. However – they aren’t selling the place.  I mean, I love my new kitchen – but I feel like i made a compromise. What do i risk by painting them? Really, what do i risk? If it’s done right and the finish is good – well then… what did i risk?

Anyone have any pro’s & cons for me? Seriously… I wanna know.

Otherwise – i’m off to convince my husband!



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5 responses to “Okay, I’ve Just Gotta Do It…

  1. I definitely prefer white cabinets. I made an exception to your brown ones…you have a nice look altogether. A dark place like Oregon calls for as much brightness as you can stand.

    Takes risks! No regrets my friend.

  2. Jkb

    I voted for the wood! 😉

    Here’s what it might look like if you painted them white…. (and a giant lobster escaped into your kitchen.)

    You might need something bright in there–not necessarily a lobster–to offset all the extra white.

  3. Emily

    I think your new family addition deserves a posting on here too!

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