Jonathan Adler, Swoon.

So i had recently seen some super cute bookends going around the blog-o-sphere. Bookends you ask? Yes… Bookends. I mean DUH, the ever important bookend!

Ok, so yeah bookends. Not exactly on the list of things i’d take with me to a deserted island – but when they are this flipping cute, oh dear god how can i resist!

I’m a sucker for cute/vintage/fun dog things.

But then come to find out – they are Jonathan Adler designed. THE Jonathan Adler (Ya know, the same guy that sells stuff like THIS for $245) And not just Jonathan Adler, but a Jonathan Adler partnership with Barnes & Noble…Meaning they wouldn’t be totally ridiculously expensive. Well tonight we had to make a pit stop at Office Depot which just happens to be next to B&N.  Suddenly those book ends came rushing back and i didn’t just want them- I needed them! I browsed the office/accessories section but it was very disappointing. No Jonathan Adler stuff what-so-ever.

So i headed over to the checkout in hopes of asking an employee if they had ever had them. As i approached the checkout counter – what did i spy? A whole Jonathan Adler display! Umbreallas, journals, cards, coffee mugs, salt & pepper shakers AND the golden goose – Weiner Dog shaped BOOKENDS!

It was really really hard but i resisted buying a  journal, sketchbook and coffee mug. (I’m a major major sucker for journaly books, PENS, tablets, etc) Most of the time i never use these journals. I just love having them – but not writing in them (and wasting pages!)

So, i left only with what i thought was necessary. Yeah, necessary. That’s right.

  • Salt & Pepper shakers. (arent they cute?!)


  • A zippered pouch (new cosmetic bag for my purse)


  • The grand daddy of them all – my bookends. ::sigh::


I’ve been mentally planning out a bedroom re-do recently. Ya know, paint the walls, new bedding, art – lighten the place up. When we moved in 3 yrs ago, we went with a lot of dark colors. This year I’ve been really craving, light & airy spaces. I hope to include these new bookends in the soon-to-be-new space.

However, for tonight. They are in my holding up books in my living room.



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One response to “Jonathan Adler, Swoon.

  1. Oooh. I love pictures of pretty things.

    I like how the dog stretches out longer with more books.

    When are you getting a REAL dog, Miss Home-owning Heidi?

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