The Chill Is On It’s Way

Oregonians are quite silly really… Every year, it’s the same thing.

We spend the summer, first yearning for the sun (When’s it gonna get here!?) then lavishing in the first signs of heat, then complaining when it hits 90+ (this year, over 100!) and then as summer turns to fall… we start complaining again. For the last 2 weeks – the signs of fall have been everywhere. The leaves are starting to turn, they scatter the streets, and a noticeable cool has taken over.

Personally i’ve been enjoying it. I busted out some long sleeve shirts, sweaters and have enjoyed wearing my VERY OLD gap hoodie sweatshirt with sweatpants after work.

However, this weekend it really hit me. We were having dinner at my parents  and came out of the house around 8:30pm to head home and suddenly slapped with a bone chilling wind, the kind of  wind that practically freezes you from the inside out.  “Shit,” I said.

Suddenly everything came rushing back… those mornings walking from my car to my office, teeth chattering, hair blowing in the wind, gloves, static electricity, umbrellas. Ugh… An Oregon winter.  It’s almost here folks.

Brrrr...Arctic Blast 2008

Brace yourself.

In honor of fall officially starting – I’ll post these photos of an amazing June day at the Oregon coast with my best friends.

Soaking up the sun

Sunshine Friends

Oh sunshine, please don’t go……


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One response to “The Chill Is On It’s Way

  1. I know. It’s cold here today. And pouring. I usually relish rain (in my head at least) but I realize the season of lolling on the beach is gone.

    I was considering doing a last tribute to summer as well. good inspiration–I heart your Sunshine Friends….

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