There Is No Love Sincerer Than The Love Of Food…(aint that the truth)

As someone that loves food, and photography…. Well it was just sad what Monteaux’s restaurant was doing. They have great food – but great photography??  not so much!

After receiving a monthly e-newsletter from Monteauxs Public House (a local place my family goes a lot) and a very FLASHY, BRIGHT & disastrous picture of lobster macaroni & cheese… i sent Larry the owner a tweet. I was like, “Duuuude you can’t keep taking those pictures with full flash. At the very least turn it off!” Well we went back and forth and i kept giving him a bad time, until finally I was like “no, listen I’m totally serious, ill take pictures of your food for free. I’m not expert (in fact i’ve never taken real pictures of food) but i read a shiz ton of blogs about photography/food, etc and i just knew i could do a better job. I mean, come on if you want to be a fancy restaurant you’ve gotta project that image!

My brother in law had recently taken an interest in food photography and although I don’t have any professional interests, i just thought – hey, I bet I can do it too!

Realizing i was serious Larry jumped at my offer.

This past weekend I brought a pile of textiles, placements & paper i had laying around at home, some tissue paper to diffuse the bright light of the window, my Nikon D50, my sisters D40, 2 lenses, and last but not least my homemade reflector (A piece of foam board, white on one side, with foil spray glued to the other side, janky? yeah, but it works AWESOME!) and set up my little food studio. Well within 5 minutes of arriving, food was on it’s way out! They just got a new chef at Monteauxs and he’s really mixing things up.But for now he just wanted to get some photo’s of some of their basic items.

I was pretty happy with how things turned out considering i’ve never taken food pics like this before.

Below are the results:

Hungry Yet???

That last picture is a tease – it’s going to be a special for the month of October. I can’t remember what it was called, but we got to try it. It was delicious. A squash, lamb, rice, feta, veggie thingy. It was really delish… in fact it was all delish!

There were a few other entrees but i haven’t got them posted yet.

The best part – Larry is thrilled!

It will be exciting to see where the images wind up.  However, when I get the next e-newsletter i don’t think I’ll be complaining 🙂

Here’s some outtakes – My sister Erin helped out and Tate sat back and snacked….


While setting up my camera & getting ready to go, I watched a Julia child episode on OPB. I thought that was fitting & good inspiration (although cinematography from a 1970's cooking show isnt exactly ideal!)


Erin checking my shot, while I enjoyed some refreshment diet dr pepper

My super cool reflector. We used the white side for this shoot and it works awesome. I've also used it to blind children during a photoshoot.

My super cool reflector. We used the white side for this shoot and it works awesome. I've also used it to blind children during a photoshoot.



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7 responses to “There Is No Love Sincerer Than The Love Of Food…(aint that the truth)

  1. Wow… those are 5-star amazing images. 🙂 The best part was eating all the food. I think we should do this every Saturday around dinner time.

    Aren’t you leaving out the Salmon? What happened to that one? No love for the salmon?

  2. Yes, I will verify that I am thrilled! The pics I have seen thus far are great. We may have to do this monthly…just don’t eat before you arrive.


  3. Mom

    Sweet pix…..nice job Heidi…you are very talented!

  4. Meghan

    Two of my favorite things!!! Food and my Sass!!!
    Nice work missy! I am proud of YOU!

  5. Erica

    Totally awesome woman!

  6. Emily

    Wow Heidi! What a fun project… Food photography really is challenging. Great work with the lighting and homemade equipment.

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