Naughty Blogger

Oh my! What have I gone and done? It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. How will i ever get readers this way?

Trust me, i’ve been blogging – just not actually writing it down! I’m constantly thinking “Oh i should blog about that” and then… ya Nada.

Excuse #1 – I work on a computer alllllllll day. When i come home, i want to do mindless things on a computer. Like read my blogs, trashy celeb sites and play with my photos.

Excuse #2 – Life is busy! I seriously don’t know how people do so much.. I find i’m recently having a hard time just keeping up cleaning my house.  How do people have kids on top of that??? It seems by the time i get home from work, eat dinner and dink around on the computer for a while it’s time for bed! Where does the day go?

In January of this year we started on a fairly decent kitchen remodel.

Well, tonight after coming home from work i decided our kitchen reeeally needed a good cleaning. (nothing funner on a friday night!)  Since I did a most excellent clean on the kitchen i figured i should take some “after” pictures. I was pretty diligent about taking the before and in-progress picks. It would be a real shame if i didnt take any finished shots.

Ive posted them on flickr, if you just can’t wait. But i’m determined to blog about the remodel with pics this weekend!


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