Bridge Pedal Update

This will be us on race day!

This will be us on race day!

Last night I put that new helmet to good use! Justin, Erin & I went on a bikeride around the area. We made a stop at the Goodwill and quickly pursued the aisles of junk (while wearing our helmets of course) while Justin lovingly watched the bikes outside.

I have to admit, it was a rough ride for me. It was fun, and i enjoyed ya know, actually feeling my muscles work. But I was tired! I don’t know if it was because i hadn’t slept well on Sunday night and then had a long day at work – but i couldn’t stop yawning. OH and probably the fact that I’m incredibly out of shape has something to do with it too.

This morning I awoke to a very sore butt! Why can’t they make mountain bike seats like cruiser bike seats!? I’ve got a big butt people – I need a little more padding. In total we only rode 8 miles. Kinda sad when you think we’re trying to get ready for 24 at the bridge pedal.

But besides a sore butt, i feel good and I’m looking forward to the next ride!

This weekend we want to try and do a real long one. Who’s up for a Saturday ride?



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2 responses to “Bridge Pedal Update

  1. Mom

    I’m up for a ride….I need to work my thighs….that’s what’s gonna be painful on the hills…..we should go someplace and pack a lunch…..have to check out a map…

  2. Hillary

    I heard Sauvie’s Island has good trails, and they’re supposedly pretty flat, so maybe good for beginners. We’re all going to be out there on Saturday hanging at the beach/berry picking so you should ride on by!! 24 miles here we come!!!

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