What’s Old is New Again

This past Saturday my mom convinced me to go to the Antique and collectible show with her. Its not that I have anything against shows like this. I’m a big fan of old stuff, but sometimes going places like this with my mom is a a little tiresome.  She tends to take way longer to look at things than I do. However, since i’ve really taken an interest in some mid century styles I figured it might be worth my while to go. I love finding ways to make vintage/retro chachkies part of my home décor.

All week my mom had been very clear that I had to get up early so she could be there on time. She was determined to get a parking spot at the expo center and have to ride the shuttle.Fine no big deal.

Well Friday night I stayed up a little too late and by the time I went to bed it was around 1:30 am. I set my alarm for 7am, and promptly fell asleep. In a daze I woke in the morning, starred at the clock and realized I was already 20 minutes behind schedule!

CRAP, my mom was going to freak if I wasn’t ready by 8am.

But why didn’t my alarm go off? Weird! After showering I was a little more lucid and finished getting ready. As I was curling my hair and finishing my face, I went out into the bedroom to check the time. Had I made it in time?

I blinked, once, twice…7:01. 7:01. Wtf?   Suddenly I realized what had happened…. I had gotten up an earlier than I was supposed to!

Grrr… So, what else did I do but get right back into bed, fully dressed.

At 8:00 on the dot my phone rang and woke me up. It was my mom “are you up?” Heck yes I was up… I had been up for an hour.
Well sort of.
Groggy, I met my mom in the driveway.  She was pretty amused by my story.
When we got to the Portland expo center, I realized I had no idea what I was in for. The doors opened at 9, it was 8:30 and the parking lot was already filled. We got a spot towards the back of the lot and headed towards the ticket booth.

What the heck? This was NUTS. Huge lines wound from the entrance of the expo center back through the parking lot. My mom just kept saying “See, Heidi, I told you!”

After we got tickets and got a spot in line I started checking things out. Tents, tents and more tents were outside. Apparently the summer show is twice as big because they have an outdoor section. I began to get a little excited. Maybe I’d find something awesome!?

Seriously? Already... it's barely 8:30

Seriously? Already... it's barely 8:30

I cannot emphasize enough how big this thing was…. It took us forever just to get through the outdoor section. We spent more time on some booths than others, but still. The place was huge. My mom and I had some great laughs at some of the stuff. We saw lots of stuff that reminded me of my grandpa (a notorious packrat) and also a lot of random toys & misc items from my own childhood.

I had my eyes peeled for mid century stuff, a coffee table for my living room, old room dividers for my spare room (from this post on Design*Sponge) and art/prints for my house. Well I didn’t end up getting much, but had a lot of fun… here is some of what we did see.


Totally cute vintage patio set in mint condition.

$175 a chair and $750 for the table. YIKES.

Bertoia Chairs! $175 a chair and $750 for the table. YIKES.

We saw those sweet Bertoia chairs, but again I was reminded why I don’t think it’s all THAT wrong to buy knock off’s of this kinda stuff. First off, the condition – and secondly the price!! $175 bucks a chair and the table was $750. I’m not in the market for these style chairs anyway, but if I was I’m not embarrassed to admit I’d be more than willing to buy these at Overstock.



Row 1 of a billion.

I did pick up a vintage table cloth covered with pineapples and limes for $5. I also got this little telephone side table racky thing. As soon as I saw it I thought it was cute. I knew in the back of my mind I had seen one like it somewhere before, but i couldn’t place it. It only cost $10 so what the hey. When I got home I did some searching and figured out I had seen it on this blog.  According to Amber it’s apparently a 1951 Richard Galef telephone table. (?) I’m probably going to spray paint mine as it’s currently gold. It looks exactly like this:

Amber’s is black, which was my first instinct for color. But I was thinking – maybe go funky to match my office. Orange perhaps? Teal? I dunno. We’ll see…

Once inside I was already starting to fade. A quick pick me up with a soft pretzel and a diet coke, and we were back. Row after row after row of oldies but goodies.

Always on the hunt for the Thermos to match my metal disneyland lunch box.

Always on the hunt for the Thermos to match my metal disneyland lunch box.


Jesus head anyone? Could be yours for only $75


Towards the end of the afternoon we met up with Cheryl & Bernie. My BFF’s aunt & uncle who travel up to PDX for the show every year. They had a seriously classy looking booth full of genuine antique jewelry and house wares.  According to them it was so far a reeeally slow show.  So hopefully things picked up for them later in the day. That’s Cheryl in action above. She had some really cool jewelry. By the time we reached the final row of booths in the expo my feet were screaming and my shoulder was really tired of carrying my giant purse.  It was really nice when we reached the car & headed for home… However, what a fun day!

The show was super interesting and of course tons of good people watching was to be had. Let’s just say, there were more than a few good candidates for “What Not To Wear.” And seriously, what’s with the 80 year old people with their rolly walkers at the show?

Later in the day my dad gave me a really neato little gift. He had been out on a bike ride and came across a garage sale full of random old stuff. This was among one of treasures he picked up! How cute is that? I never find stuff with my name on it. We looked this up on the internet and it’s apparently some traveling doll kit from 1961.


All in all – great adventure at the collectible show and I will definitely be going back next year.


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  1. Love the dolly!

    And the telephone table is cute.

    You are a natural at this whole blogging thing.

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