Blog Fail #1

Well, isnt this peachy. I screwed it up before i even got a chance to post!

Tonight I broke down and decided to get myself set up on wordpress. I wasn’t sure if i’d post, but i knew i’d at least set the little bugger up. In the process of brainstorming names for the blog, i somehow typo’ed Hidees13 as Hidees2 and hit enter! Therefore blocking myself from taking hidees13, and totally giving myself a wordpress subdomain that has no significance. GREAT! Blog Fail #1.

A while back, at my friend Emily’s urging, I created a blogger.  But I always felt a bit insecure about jumping into the blogging thing & I always hesitated to actually post on it! What would my blog be? Rants & Raves? Stories of my mundane life? remodeling pics of our ranch?… Certainly not a mommy blog.  At least not anytime soon anyway.

I swear I think of AT LEAST one blog post topic every day. Not in the sense that I say “Oh, i should write about it” but just as thoughts in the back of my mind that in a self absorbed sort of way make sense to share.

So since no ones following my “wordpress” I feel like, i can give this a go… see what happens and maybe i’ll love it. Maybe I wont.


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